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Starting a new workout regime? We often find no matter how much we want to work out and get in shape, finding time to hit the gym is not always possible. Never fear, you can actually create a home gym on a budget by making these cool ideas for DIY exercise equipment. From weights and balls to pull-up bars and power blocks, you are sure to find some things you need to make for your home gym.

DIY Sandbag

Make these easy sandbag weights yourself and get in shape at home, even if you are on a budget. Mine took no time at all to make, and this one has lasted me over a year so far. For a weight workout that doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, here is your go-to item you need to make when it comes to inexpensive DIY exercise equipment.


Need a multi-purpose gym accessory for weight lifting? Try this DIY slamball for a versatile weight you can use in lots of different exercises, at least every garage and home gym need one of these! You can make this weighted exercise ball as light or as heavy as you need it to be. A perfect addition to any home gym, this DIY project is fun to make, too!

Homemade Power Rack

It’s really silly to pay extremely a lot for home exercise equipment when your mad DIY skills can net you this weight lifting power rack for your garage or home gym. Add weights and you are in business. Get in shape without spending a ton of money on a gym membership or personal trainer, because it is really not necessary.