You could say there are two doors in life: one with ‘past’ painted on it in bold letters, the other with ‘future’. One we know; the other is uncertain. But we also have something else: the key to both of these doors labeled ‘present’. After all, it’s in the present moment, the ‘here and now, that we decide how we will deal with past issues and what direction we would like to take in the future.

We also need to know what to leave firmly in the past. For example, we’re constantly deciding whether or not to bring old injuries back into our lives or whether to distance ourselves from them and continue to live towards our ideals.

Smart planning is key

The matter is more complex. If we imagine something very intensely, our body responds accordingly and sends the signal to the brain that this is all actually happening now. As a result, we might rest on our laurels, so to speak, and put in less effort. It’s better to consider how I should handle the matter right now. Imagining goal attainment isn’t as good as imagining what you must do to achieve the goal. When you’re working to achieve your goal, be present at the moment.


For those already living a fulfilling life in the present, mindfulness doesn’t even seem like a concept. Mindfulness is something we all can learn, for instance by focusing on the current moment. Being open to new experiences, and being aware that there are different perspectives in life that are equally valid. Mindfulness can also be defined as a particular form of attentiveness that comes into being when we deliberately focus on what’s happening in the present moment. Without constantly evaluating whether this moment, this situation, or this person in front of us is good or bad.

The concept of “now”

Those who are mindful are centered individuals. They are not swept away by the challenges of the world, but rather respond to them appropriately, as they happen. They have their own feelings in focus, without disrupting those of others. It’s not about fading our negative emotions out, but rather recognizing and accepting them as a part of life, giving them space if they are there, and letting them go when the right moment comes. We are the masters of our lives, and sometimes there’s a door we need to lock – whether it has ‘past’ or ‘future’ written on it. But the key to both with the word ‘present’ on it is always with us.